A Blue Dress for Summer! : Vogue 9253

A very flattering dress for summer. Yes, this one has been done before, but I must chime in. This is such a well designed pattern! I made this with a lovely blue cotton batik. 
First, I raised the neckline like 5". I lowered the waist 1" and added 1" to the hem at the bottom.

I love the top stitching, it really makes the dress polished.

And the tie belt is sewn into the zipper.
Tip: Follow ADLynn on her Youtube video to raise the neckline for everyday wear. She does a great job!

A Red Top for Valentine's Day ; Vogue 9360

A fitting top to wear for Valentine's Day. This fun and comfortable top is my first attempt at a SMA or small bust adjustment. I made view D using a stretch cotton poplin. So comfy with a pair of black leggings!

I did a 3/4" SBA. This picture shows only half the amount removed as the other half will come out of the left front piece.

To make things more interesting, I decided to do a type of Hong Kong finish on the long seams just to make it pretty inside.

Above is what the seam looks like on the yoke after it is top stitched.  I rather like it.
Can I just say, I LOVE hand stitching. I don't know why, but I just do. Here is the collar stand that I will then top stitch.

All that was left to do after adding the sleeves was to hem and add the buttons and buttonholes.
And, here it is! I love the pleats on the back that give it a swing coat affect. The sleeves went in smoothly and the curve of the hem is flattering. I would definitely recommend this Vogue pattern!

Reversible Jacket for Fall or Spring Burda Style Magazine 05/2010 #126

This is one of the most comfortable little jackets I have ever made. It  is made by lining a cotton outer fabric with a cotton lining. Essentially, it is made by cutting two identical jackets and slipping one inside the other and then adding a bias trim to all the raw edges.

It is a little more complicated than that, but only in that there is a back and front yolk and a welt pocket, but only on the outer jacket. I will probably only wear the darker side out, anyway.

(I wish I had interfaced not only the pocket opening,  but also the bias strips that make the welt.)

I love the finished look of the bias binding attached with a colored zig-zag thread!

One of the two changes I made was to add buttons and button holes. It just seemed like the jacket needed them this time. Because I am tall, I added width across the upper back and lengthened the body and sleeves by 1".
I will definitely be making this again in a fun summer color like lime green.  It's always cold indoors in Texa…

A New Plaid Skirt for Fall

About three months ago I drafted a circle skirt from instructions I found on the internet. It was to make a Dirndl inspired skirt to take with me on our trip to Germany. Alas, I did not have enough fabric, so I put the pattern aside. I recently pulled it out and decided it would be great for a fall midi length skirt. After all, this length seems to be the rage right now. I can see wearing it with Mary Janes or boots. 

Here is the website I found the instructions for for the circle skirt. It is so simple as it figures out the measurements for you!

I did add 4" to the hem because the original thought was to go to the knee, but as I want this to be midi length...
I then decided I might like pockets in the side seam. So, I went to a pattern I recently made and borrowed the pocket piece. As you can see, I slightly altered the piece for comfort when I slide my hand into the pocket.

I made sure to match the plaid for the pocket piece (even …