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More Maui!!

Yes! Another gorgeous day in Maui! We were sooooo lucky, this was the view from our room... There really was no reason to leave the room, but we decided on another morning walk.

Lovely group of trees right on the beach. Made me want to climb up and sit there all day. Alas, I'm not that young anymore :-)

This is what I wore: McCall's 6658
The morning was actually cold! Luckily, I brought a really cool top made from a textured white medium-weight cotton knit. The top has a funnel neck that is put on using reverse construction so there are no rough edges along the neckline when you fold it over.

Tip: I used my top stitching machine in several places BEFORE I sewed the seams together. That way all finished edges are stretchy. Definitely use a double needle if you don't have a top stitching machine.
I love the asymmetrical look of this shawl-like pull-over. Only 3 large pieces. And it is so snuggly to wear! 
Especially when sitting on the beach enjoying this....

Another Great Day (and Night) in Maui

Oh Yeah! It's hula time. Went to a Luau on a beautiful, breezy evening. Had pictures taken, grabbed a Mai Tai and a seat, and prepared to enjoy the show.

This is what I wore: Skirt from Simplicity 1663

 A light, ruffled, cotton jersey top from the Loft, and a gauze skirt that I made. I found this sunset inspired gauze at Hancock Fabrics and knew just what to do with it. The store also had the nude stretch lining that I love to use.  I lined it down to the knee slit...

The pattern has several options for knee slits, but I decided one was enough for me :-) The skirt was absolutely a breeze to make and sooooooo comfortable to wear!

Tip: No need to finish the edge of the stretch 
lining because it will never fray! Love it!!

Unbelievably, this was the only time we were on the island that the skies opened up and let loose. We stayed to watch the whole show, but were drenched in the process. My lovely family and I definitely had a memorable evening!

Day Two in Beautiful Maui

Thanks to all who started following my new blog! This is great fun!!

On day 2 in Maui, the sun was warm and bright, the breeze was gently blowing, so we decided to take a morning beach walk. We were given the most beautiful sight ever.....

This is what I wore:

My top is Burda Young 7227 made from a pretty cotton with a border edge. Below you will see how I had to carefully fit each piece to fit the small 1yd piece I had to work with. I shortened the pattern by as much as the width of the border added to the bottom edge.

Tip: If you find a garment that nearly fits perfectly, don't be afraid to alter it! 
The shorts were from Costco. They started with a wide leg and cuff at the bottom.  I opened out the cuff, removed the triple cover stitch part way down the sides and narrowed the leg. Then I matched the triple cover stitch down the new narrower outside leg. I then hemmed the bottom. It was a little work, but I think they came out with a more modern fit. Definitely worth the effort!

Welcome to my NEW Blog!

Woohooo!! You and I are sooooo lucky! We get to start this new blog in MAUI !!! When I found out Hawaii would be our vacation spot this summer, I HAD to have a new wardrobe. I have so many things to share with you...I'm so excited!

I want this to be a style / sewing blog. I won't bombard you with every step of each handmade project, but I'll give you any helpful tips that I come across in the process.
And, I'd love to hear from you when your way is better than mine.

On our first night out, this is the view we had from the restaurant. Molokai in the sunset...breathtaking isn't it?

This is what I wore:

The top is Burda Young 7227. If you can believe it, this is the muslin I made before I cut from fashion fabric for a second top. (You'll see that one later ;-)  I HAD to finish it because the white was so pretty.  There is a lovely blue flower on the front which I embroidered with my fancy embroidery attachment. I love how easy it is to add special touches. FYI, althou…