New Fall Top Butterick 5924

Love this new casual top from Butterick. It is not a new pattern, but the style is pretty new. It combines an on grain upper with a bias lower part.  I used a lightweight tan plaid shirting. It is soft, but with a little bit of body.

You can see the lightweight fusible interfacing adds just the right amount of stiffness to help the collar stand up without being rigid.

    Tip: I topstitched the collar edge ever so slightly rolling the 
       seam toward the under collar before topstitching. 

Finally, I had to rip out the bust dart a couple of times. The one on the pattern is so short, about 2 inches long, and really big. So, I had to rip out the dart and re-pin it while I was wearing it. I ended up lengthening it about 2 more inches so it landed 1 inch away from the bust apex. After I sewed it, I kept getting awful points at the end of the dart! So I started researching why this was happening. Apparently, because the dart was so wide, and straight, and pointed to the wrong apex, it was causing points at the end. NOT PRETTY!

I found a website that showed how to sew a curved dart. First time I've ever tried this. But you know what? It worked! Just that simple-points gone. Now I have a nice, smooth dart.

I can see wearing this with pearls, rolled up capri jeans and ballet flats for a cute fall look. I'm so happy I was able to fix the darts, otherwise I think I would have trashed it.


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