Day Two in Beautiful Maui

Thanks to all who started following my new blog! This is great fun!!

On day 2 in Maui, the sun was warm and bright, the breeze was gently blowing, so we decided to take a morning beach walk. We were given the most beautiful sight ever.....

This is what I wore:

My top is Burda Young 7227 made from a pretty cotton with a border edge. Below you will see how I had to carefully fit each piece to fit the small 1yd piece I had to work with. I shortened the pattern by as much as the width of the border added to the bottom edge.

Tip: If you find a garment that nearly fits perfectly, don't be afraid to alter it! 

The shorts were from Costco. They started with a wide leg and cuff at the bottom.  I opened out the cuff, removed the triple cover stitch part way down the sides and narrowed the leg. Then I matched the triple cover stitch down the new narrower outside leg. I then hemmed the bottom. It was a little work, but I think they came out with a more modern fit. Definitely worth the effort!

 Here is the pattern lay out I mentioned before...

You can see I had just enough room to cut the straps and use the border.

Tip:You can use always use the border of a favorite find as straps, the top edge, or the bottom edge. 

And here are the scraps I had left after cutting the border to add to the bottom of the top...

And finally, the ocean during our relaxing day...


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